Global Fashion Plus
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Мужская: all kind of clothes
Женская: all kind of clothes
Детская: all kind of clothes
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Упаковочные фурнитуры: Бумажные бирки
Регион: Китай / Zhejiang Province
Город: shaoxing
Тип фирмы: trading company
Экспортер: Да ()
Контактный телефон: 18757508757
Веб сайт: globalfashionplus.net
E-mail фирмы: info@globalfashionplus.net
Skype: mandal.saroj25
Юридический адрес: dong wang road
Дата добавления: 13 декабря 2016 09:35
GLOBAL FASHION PLUS- a trading company and sourcing agent operating from China having experience in sourcing quality product in fashion sector like Garments, Fabrics, Laces,Trims, Accessories, stock products etc . We have achieved excellence in satisfying the supply needs of the present business world .
We aim to be innovative sourcing agency that offers end-to-end import assistance to source, negotiate, and facilitate delivery of products from overseas suppliers.We offer a service to businesses of all levels to gain the cost effective advantages large organisations get from specialised and overseas sourcing. Our team have experience in all areas of procurement, ranging from working as procurement offices ourselves, to sourcing large orders privately. We take a fresh approach to the procurement process by working with new and upcoming businesses to ensure they are reducing their cost of goods right from the start. Professionalism is the key at every level of the organization where we are dedicated to exceeding customers' expectations. Don’t be limited to what we have listed here, whatever product you want just send the details.